3D Laser Scanning Services

Buildings, Landscapes, Vehicles & More

Since RJ Engineering was started in 2009 we have always maintained the philosophy of using the very latest technology and design software. We have embraced technological advancements in the field of laser scanning and 3d scanning services.

We carry out laser scanning surveys using state of the art equipment, meaning that RJ Engineering can carry out detailed 3D scans of any physical element including buildings, landscapes, bridges and even vehicles, ideal for historical documentation.

With our 3D design and modelling skills learnt from over 25 years as experienced industrial design engineers we are able to fully utilise information and data gathered from laser scanning and point cloud generation.

As well as the more usual traditional surveying tools we have access to leading digital surveying technology such as the GeoMax Zoom 80 robotic total station, the Lecia 3D disto and for carrying out 3D laser scanning, the Faro Focus X130.

The Faro Focus X130 laser scanner creates millions of data points within a 360o range and then overlays a colour photo of the scan image onto the data points to create a 3D photographic colour point cloud image.

The design of the X130 makes it extremely easy to use and setup. A typical scan, as shown above, will take between 10 and 40 minutes depending on the level of accuracy and resolution required. It is quite possible to scan a complete plant or process in as little as one day.

A typical plant will require approximately 30 scans ( depending on size ), our software is then able to register or ‘stitch’ the scans together into one unified scan.

Now we have the scan data, the clever part is manipulating and extracting data, the software automatically recognises piping and steel structures and converts these into solid features creating accurate information intelligent 3D CAD models.

Pipework and steel work detected from the point cloud scan and converted into solid features within Autocad Plant 3D.


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